Coaching With Billy G

Life Coach Bringing

3 Month Coaching Plan

Text & call support when needed outside of sessions

Personal assignments to work on after each session to ensure progress

Options for Sessions

We make it a point to meet our clients where they are at.

Working with clients every week in session allows for rapid growth and new insights to come up that create progress.

Some individuals feel bi-weekly sessions work better for them and allow for more time to work on their personal goals.

Others may choose a monthly session as they have more of a hold on certain areas of their life but still want their Coach in their corner for when they need it or have questions.

We meet our clients where they are at and take steps forward with them from that point onward.

Coach With Billy Giannouloudis

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Every Sunday for over 6 years we have brought you a message to help you, teach you, and guide you to taking steps to better yourself.

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Our Testimonials


“Billy!!! I’m so excited about what’s to come! Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for being such an amazing coach and for allowing God to use you to help build the dreams of others. Have a great day! ???”

“Billy has been my coach for the past 3 months. When I began, I was just starting my own coaching business and he became my mentor. Now, my business has grown so much and I know 110% I would not be where I am without him. He is very motivating, real, and supportive. Worth the investment, big time!!”
“I’ve been working with Billy for the past 16 weeks and it’s been a world of change for the better.
I started off the session in a really bad place.
Billy helped me change all my bad habits, control my anxiety, and give me new tools to stay in an overall positive pattern in my life.

I highly recommend Billy to anyone who wants to improve their life and reach any goals they have set for themselves.”

– Client T.B.2021

“Working with Billy has been life changing. The extensive knowledge and approaches he brings to sessions has helped not just myself overcome but my family overcome as well. I’d recommend him to anyone!”

– J.M.