Frequently Asked Questions

What is a life coach?

A life coach works with clients to help achieve goals, overcome obstacles, and make changes or shifts in their lives for the better.


A Strategic Intervention Life Coach helps a client create breakthroughs through strategic action in the direction the client wants to move in. Helping them grow in all aspects of the human life.

Do I need a life coach?

Everyone goes through difficult challenges in life. While you may have been able to cope with the challenges you’ve encountered, it’s always a good idea to seek extra support when you need it. A life coach can help you realize and overcome your habits and behavioral patterns so that you can better realize your full potential. People who get a life coach are the ones who are willing to do the work needed to live a more fulfilled life.


We all go through periods of feeling stuck or feeling like we need to make a shift in an area of our lives. If you're someone who needs that spark to get up and get moving or someone who wants to change things to live a more empowering life, a life coach could be the key.

How can a life coach help me?

A life coach can help you in a variety of areas. Professionally, a life coach can help you focus on your career and help you market yourself more effectively. Personally, a life coach can help you improve your relationships with other people and improve your overall well-being. Through life coaching, you can live a more balanced and fulfilling life.


Having a life coach brings someone into your life whose focus is to help you get results but more so see the strengths you possess as well as help you develop new ones to help you create and walk into the life you want to live.


A life coach is in your corner.

What happens during a life coaching session?

Each life coaching session may be different depending on the goals and needs of the person. At first, we’ll discuss what you want to accomplish through working together and lay out a plan on how to achieve your goals. Occasionally, Billy will give you assignments to help you direct your progress. We’ll work together to discover what obstacles are in your way and figure out how to overcome them. With each session, we’ll revisit your goals and see what steps are needed to achieve them.


Each person is different and each person goes through life differently. Your life coaching session could have a different focus than someone else's but it will be directed towards your specific progress all the same.

Life Coaching vs Therapy

A life coach is different than a therapist in the sense that a life coach doesn't need to unpack the past with a client but is more so action based to help the client create a brighter future.


Billy believes our past holds a key to our future if we have the right perspective on them. If a client needed to take the time to explain the past, Billy would never turn them away and would help them reframe it to see the strength it holds.


Billy has been training under many therapists and helping people through therapeutic services the last few years so he can learn more to help his clients.


With Billy's immersion into his studies of the mind he believes he can help someone out of a perspective focused on the past and into a perspective dedicated to the future they want.


As stated above, a life coach is action based. A life coach wants to help you get results and that is Billy's goal with you.

Will our conversations remain confidential?

While the law does not grant the privilege of confidentiality to life coaches, what we discuss will not be shared with others. Life coaching is a confidential process and must remain so in order for it to be successful.