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Igniting someone’s fire for success and personal improvement takes more than motivation. To learn the keys to one’s own life transformation and understand the power we all have to shift into a state of success at any given moment drastically changes the results we get in life.

To Billy, motivation can fade, but if he can instill in you, in one person, in a group, a team, a business, whomever it may be, a fire that continues to grow and the habits to sustain it. That’s a drive someone can run with on their own that doesn’t fade.

“That’s more than motivation. That’s life change.”


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Whether it is a Group, Team, Company, or Organization we make sure we bring the Results to each and every audience!

Below you’ll find some of our Speaking Topics and the Outcomes you can expect from a workshop, Seminar, Keynote, or Panel.

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Blueprint to a Confident Leader

This program is designed to help you bridge the gap between who you are now and who you want to become. Bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

In this session you will gain a clear understanding of the successful habits and traits of those who tap into their full potential and reach the greater heights of life. Growing in your Confidence, Accountability, and Decision Making Skills.

The keys to growing any industry begins with learning the keys on a clear personal level. We learn those keys individually to bridge our own gap to success but to also help others around us reach their full potential just as much.

Outcomes to Expect
  • Gaining a clear understanding and roadmap to your goals and you personal self improvement.
  • Growing your personal Accountability, Confidence, and Decision Making skills in the workplace, home, and other areas of life.
  • Strategies to help you walk as an Empowered Leader who succeeds and helps those around them do the same.
Mindset Mastery

Mindset Mastery is a life transformation session where individuals will dive deep to understand the true power of their mind’s and the true power of themselves to create lasting life change.

Nothing is stronger than the ground you stand on. However the ground we stand on potentially is based on limiting beliefs, past pain, and a lack of understanding on how to use our mind’s the way we were meant to.

Learning how to shift these areas and create new empowering beliefs, healing, and step into your true personal power allows you to direct and live life at the highest level.

Outcomes to Expect
  • Teaching you the deeper Truths that dictate your mindset, energy, well-being, and overall results we experience in life.

  • Receiving a greater understanding of our own Personal Power when it comes to our thoughts and emotions and how it all connects to the manifestation process and the life we can enjoy.

  • You will have gained new strategies and techniques to implement in your day to day to help you live life at a higher level, succeed at a higher level, and achieve your desired outcomes.
Mental Health and Rejuvenation For Your Success

This rejuvenating program is designed to help each individual gain a greater understanding of their personal power that is our mind, emotions, and energy.

You’ll learn how to direct these areas and realign with greater motivators to help you re-energize and shift your state in a moment. Empowering yourself to overcome and achieve. Allowing you to create the success and results at a high level.

Understanding our true potential unlocks a door. Growing out of mental thought patterns and emotional patterns unlocks a door. We hold the key to our self improvement and personal development by taking action with the information discussed.

Outcomes to Expect
  • Greater understanding and perspective of our personal mental health and strategies to help each of us out of lower states.

  • Gaining the strategies necessary to shift your mindset to a high level whenever needed

  • New skills and techniques to help you achieve results at the highest level

  • Creating your personal gameplan and routine to help you move forward after the program towards your goals
Spiritual Leadership Development

This program is designed to help individuals gain a clearer understanding of their personal strengths, gifts, and skills so they can then step forward as the energized, empowered, confident leader in their own lives.

We dive into the Trifecta and how setting goals for our Mind, Body, and Spirit allows growth in all areas of life but allows us to live a more encompassed lifestyle.

Learning the connection between the 3 areas in this program allows us to see our personal power to create in this life. Stepping into the power of a creator as we are made in the image of a creator fills us with possibility and taps into our potential.

Outcomes to Expect
  • A greater understanding of your own personal strength and purpose in this life that you can walk confidently in.

  • Gaining Strategies to help you trust your intuition and receive guidance from the Greater that is all around us.

  • Living life at a higher vibrancy to not just create a positive impact around you but to become a positive impact to everyone around you as well.

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